Miss V

I apologise for being MIA for awhile. I have a good excuse, a really  good one ;)

Miss V

I have been pretty busy with this little one :) It is amazing how fast time have passed, for almost a fortnight now, I am a mum of two!!! After such a kerfuffle with the labour/birth (more on a separate post), Miss V arrived smoothly and quickly. Thank goodness!

Mind you, if you have been reading my posts for awhile, you’d know how petrified I am about having a daughter. It appears that God believes I am up to the challenge, because, well… I have a daughter now. Arrgh! I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to connect straight away with her, that my fear will over-ride all logic and maternal instinct. I was also petrified that I won’t be able to love her as much as I love Little E, that my love quota has run out.

It turns out, as my belly grew with pregnancy, my heart did too. I fell in love with her straight away. From the second I heard her cries (Little E didn’t cry at all when he came out) and the moment she was in my arms, all wriggly and squeeshy and slimey, I love her! That first night, I promised her (and God) that I will love her and raise her with the best of my ability. I have enough love for both of my kids. Amazing.

My in-laws have been amazing too. As expected. My MIL was here to look after Little E, and it goes to say how much he loves her, as it took him awhile (about an hour) to even realised mum and dad weren’t home lol I have complete trust in my MIL and I didn’t have to worry at all about him while we were in the hospital. My FIL and BIL came soon after Miss V arrived, and between the 3 of them, I did not have to lift a finger or have to keep entertaining Little E. For the first week, I was able to focus on Miss V and I am thankful for them. This time around, my experience straight after birth is so much different from my first time. There are no words to describe how relieved and glad I am.

Today, I am home alone with Miss V for the first time. It feels so different yet not really, and while I am still (impatiently) recuperating and trying to take in everything that just happened, I feel content.

I hope you are all happy and healthy. Until my next post! :)


I found out that I passed my uni course yesterday, and while the happy feeling was still at its highest, I enrolled myself to another one next semester.

I am so relieved. My second course completed while juggling work and motherhood and everything else in life. Obviously, it could not have happened without Mr E and the support of my work people.

As I worked part time, I didn’t really feel comfortable with taking more time off to study. Luckily, my boss and team were supportive. I guess it will benefit everyone when I gain more knowledge, as I am doing a course pretty much related to what we do. Still, the thought of asking for time off makes me feel almost nauseous every single time.

As for Mr E, well, his support was definitely required. He left me to my studies (sometimes, I even multi-task and do online browsing as well. I’m awesome like that!) while he looked after our little one. He’d make sure that my answers made sense or that I even answered the questions in the first place. I am so lucky :)

Another quote I love: I have so many to count on for this silent support. I am so blessed.

Anyway, I am soooooooo glad I’ve got another course in the bag. I am fully adopting the “slow and steady wins the race” philosophy on this degree, but at least, I am still on it. Phew.

Messy fun times

A cold, gray, wet weather indoor activity for my little boy.

Brown rice. I was going to use pasta shells, which would be less messy but rice is cheaper :P

Tarpouline mat or any plastic may of some sort. Or none if you’re brave…

Trucks, diggers, bulldozers, etc. It will also work with the teacups set, kitchen utensils, etc.

Hours of fun!


Though I have to admit that I had to leave after about 10 minutes and get Mr E to play with him instead as seeing all the rice flying off everywhere is really testing my neatfreak-ness.

After the little man was done, we gave him the little duster and pan and got him to clean up. He loved it! ;)

On a slightly different note though, why does he move between the different piles of rice at random? Why switch halfway doing one pile and start taking some rice back to the other pile? Why? I don’t understand. Am I just too OCD?

Date Day

Mr E and I had a “date day” recently, our first after our Japan trip :) We had an appointment with the accountant in the morning, so we decided to make the most of the day for ourselves. While Little E went to daycare, we lived it up! :P


This was our morning tea, I also had a beef pie (not pictured) as I slept in that morning and didn’t have time to have breakfast. Having to concentrate to what the accountant was saying on an empty stomach is definitely not recommended. Luckily, the beef pie was delicious and the tomato sauce was free (I hate having to pay for sauces! They’re the cheapest thing ever and everyone in Australia knows that you HAVE to have sauce with your pie, so why not provide for free??? Other than because you want to squeeze more money out of your customers? /rant)


We then did something that we haven’t done for a very long time. In fact, the last time we did it was 2 days prior to my induction with Little E (we watched James Bond)! We did attempt to go with Little E and a friend once, but Mr E ended up having to wait outside with the little man as he wasn’t having a bar of it. This time, we both sat peacefully and comfortably, with about 3-4 other people in the whole theatre (lol), with our mouths agape the whole entire time. The Avengers was such a great movie! I felt like we had our money’s worth, as it was a pretty long movie and with so many big characters, it was as if we were watching 5 movies in one! Bargain! :P


This was our lunch – it was soooo good! We chose this because 1) it is newish 2) it is a Japanese “tapas bar” kind of place (read: it is most likely to be kids unfriendly so we better go while we were kidsless) 3) it is pricey. The portions of the food were meant to be shared, so they’re on the littler side of things. Those delicious morsels of pork bun, for example, Little E would eat 2 of those in no time at all. At $10 each, that’s a pretty hefty price tag to pay. I mean, yes, they are indeed delicious and heavenly and I would also gorge on them too, but not at $10 each. I love being able to eat leisurely, ordering whatever I want without having to make sure that they’re healthy-ish so that Little E could have some too, and most importantly, I don’t have to share if I didn’t want to (without having to deal with tantrums. Well, I’m pretty sure Mr E won’t throw a tantrum if I didn’t share, I don’t know, I have never had to think about this. Maybe I should try one day and see?)

We tried to streeeetch lunch for as long as we could. We’re fast eaters and though, we weren’t limited to any timeframe, unfortunately, we couldn’t help ourselves. After only about an hour, we were done, and were left with about another hour spare before we could pick up Little E (he would never have forgiven us if we pick him up before he has his afternoon tea). So we strolled around the shops, mainly me pointing out to Mr E all the pretty sparkly jewelleries I liked, I even tried a couple too, while he waited patiently. Just like old time, hey, Mr E? lol

Like any good thing, our date day seemed to be over way too quickly. I enjoyed our date day, it was a good bonding time, to spend that quality time with my big love. He is one of few people I treasure dearly, and I am so blessed that after all this time, we both still want to spend time together. I love him :)

10 things nobody told me about raising a kid

By: Jill Hamilton

Plenty of people will give you unsolicited parenting advice (I didn’t ask whether my baby should be wearing a hat, thank you), but rarely will they tell you what you really need to know. That is …

1. Things take way longer

When you take a young child anywhere, you’ll pack as though you were called upon to settle a barren new world, without handy Targets everywhere. The other day, I saw my harried neighbour loading four squirming kids, car seats, bags, etc, into the back of his van while still wearing pyjama bottoms. He looked up at me and said, helplessly, “I’m just going to get milk!”

2. You will say things you never thought you’d have to say

Besides the I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that remarks such as, “Hey! No shenanigans” there’s a whole other category of things you never dreamed you’d need to say, because who would do such a ridiculous thing as, oh, lick the cat food. Your kid would, that’s who. I actually had to tell my child, “Don’t eat with scissors.” They were safety scissors, but still.

3. You won’t live up to your standards

“Everything you say you won’t is what you will eventually,” Robyn Hitchcock sings in the 1989 song The Devil’s Coachman. Maybe you won’t do “everything” you said you wouldn’t, but you will be a hypocrite at some point – possibly many points. You will feed mac and cheese to your kid for four consecutive days even though one of your purported “core values” is healthy eating. You will say things that you will regret. And that’s going to have to be OK.

4. It’s possible to think terrible thoughts about a child

Sometimes a nasty little kid will do something horrible to your child and it will just break you. Comedian and father Louis CK says in his stand-up act: “There’s one kid in my daughter’s class who I hate so much. And it’s really (messed) up, because I’m 44, and I hate a six-year-old.” Yep.

5. Kids are way grosser than you ever dreamed

Writes blogger Joslyn Gray: “Before I knew it, they were all eating stale fries off the floor of the minivan and I was like, ‘Whatever, thanks for cleaning.'” But you’re never completely broken, and occasionally your kid will do something so vile it will still manage to shock you. For me, this was child B passing the time in the Alice in Wonderland line at Disneyland by running her tongue along the metal handrails touched by countless park visitors throughout time. “Tastes salty!” she reported.

6. You will have to stifle laughter because you are a grown-up

There are certain things you just aren’t willing, able or ready to explain. Thus, you won’t be able to die laughing when, say, your four-year-old, back from lunch with Grandma and full of freshly gleaned knowledge from the restaurant’s Chinese zodiac place mat, starts telling everyone, “I’m the snake and I love the cock!”

7. It’s kinda boring

There’s nothing better than getting on the floor with a child and experiencing her take on the world. It’s just that after you do that, you don’t get to clock out and go back to thinking your thoughts. You just keep doing it. Over and over. This is truer today than ever. According to the Pew Research Center, today’s parents actually spend more time with their children, even more than stay-at-home mums did in the 1950s. That’s a lot of pretending to eat toddler-created plastic food feasts.

8. They won’t always share your passions

When my kids didn’t show what I deemed a suitable enthusiasm for the glories of composting, I forced them to behold the compost bin. “Look at it!” I said, perhaps too forcefully, holding a handful of perfectly crumbly dark earth aloft. Deep lessons on the circle of life or in-home eco-terrorism? Still not sure about that one. When my youngest said, “The jacarandas are almost out,” I gloated, “You do like nature!” However, she noted: “I learned it – doesn’t mean I like it.”

9. But you will develop arcane knowledge in their passions

This is not so great in the beginning. I know way more about the TV show Zack and Cody than I wish I did, and my husband was crowned, more than once, the Pretty Pretty Princess during board game tournaments with the girls. (He is pretty competitive.) It’s all paying off now, though. Through my kids, I’ve learned to appreciate Broadway musicals, discovered John Green’s oeuvre, and been schooled on how to make a proper salsa verde. I bought tomatillos for the first time at age 49! This has to be good.

10. Each kid is actually 100 different kids

“Every time my daughters get noticeably older, I feel like the smaller version has disappeared,” says my friend Bill. “I love the new kid just as much, sometimes more; but I look back at photos of the smaller kid and get very sad that she’s no longer around.” Yes, this will break your heart a little.

Mr E sent me this article from the Canberra Times and we both thought it is a good one, we can totally relate to everything written.

For me personally, number 10 is really true. I love the fact that we can have conversations with Little E, how going out is now a lot easier (when he cooperates), how he comes up with the funniest expressions, how his characteristics are really showing through, and the list goes on.

However, I do miss the littler version of him. The cuddliest one, the one who would suck on my shoulders when I carry him. The one who looked up to me, studying me intently, while I fed him. The one who snored softly, contently, at the break of dawn, in my arms, smelling of intoxicating sweet baby smell.

I really do miss those versions of him ♡