Apologises for the lack of posts lately. I, with my little one, have sought solace and am now in my happy place to recharge.


We haven’t really done much but I am feeling much better already, just by being here :) We have caught up with a few of our family, ate some yummy food (including that oven-baked pastry on the top left corner, which had ice cream inside. It was amazing!), read a book in bed overlooking a familiar view outside the window and my little one? He has been reunited with his beloved “Ahnie” (read: Sunny), sharing licks, toys and chicken treats.

Happiness all around.

I am now sitting at a train station, waiting for my train to do some shopping and girly time with my amigos.

Happiness level = recharging!


This week, I am super duper grateful for the incredible supportive network of babysitters friends we have here in Canberra. They have been offering to look after my little one so that I can do stuff that needs doing. I am incredibly lucky! I won’t named names as it’ll be a long one, but you know who you are. Thank you ♡

I’m also grateful for having people in my life who I can turn to for advice and recommendations. Especially when it comes to serious stuff, like finance and what is the “in” wall colour for the moment :)

Another mention has to be of my inlaws. For putting up with the barrage of phone calls (multiple times a day some days) from the little one. I am grateful that my son has such loving and patient grandparents. They’re also our loudest cheerleaders in life, when the world seem to be saying a lot of negative things, its volume is nothing like that of my inlaws.

Who are you grateful for this week? Have you thank them? :)

Highland Gathering 2014

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the Highland Gathering in South Canberra. We had been meaning to go ever since we heard about it in 2012 but haven’t had the chance to. When we first arrived, we were greeted by the sounds of bagpipes playing. It must sound quite lovely to Little E’s ears as he immediately got down to it and started dancing lol



There were a few people dressed up to the occasion. I believe the people in the above photo were wearing military uniform from the 1700s (we think). They looked so grand! I love it!


Little E’s favourite thing there (other than the food) was the sword fighting! He was totally mesmerised by them, as he had not seen anything like it before. When the first man fell down, Little E clapped and shouted “MORE?” He really was excited! He also tried tried to chant with us but we were unsure which side exactly he was on ;)


He also had great fun at the sand pit. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any shadr over the area so I had to stop the fun very early on. It is amazing how he managed to have sand inside his nappy from the little time he was there!



The delicious nommy delight we had that morning! I loooove haggis, so did Little E. We’re not keen on the black pudding though, they were a little pungent? Bleugh! We also had some Scottish sausage of sorts, they were alright, it tasted like any other sausage sizzles here. Mr E also had a bridie (looked like a pasty), a shortbread and a tablet (apparently, it was a Scottish fudge).


It was such a great Canberra day, sunny and full of happy people. I didn’t know that Canberra had such a big Scottish community, I think there were about ten different clans having their own stall. Unfortunately, Mr E’s wasn’t there :)

If we’re in town the next time it is on, I will definitely go there again. Though perhaps with better outfit against the hot sun! :)


I was doing my nightly skincare routine, massaging my moisturiser in, noticing a couple more fine lines around the eyes. Nitpicking my features, wishing that my nose was taller, eyes bigger, cheeks thinner, etc etc.

Then I remembered the other night when I had to resettle Little E back to sleep in the middle of the night.

This face that I so intensely dislike is the face that my son wants to look at as he drifts off to sleep at night

The face that he looks for in the crowd

The face that brings a big cheeky grin to his beautiful face

The face that he most probably think of when he hears the words “comfort” and “mummy”

I may not like it and wish that I could change it, but to him? He wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ah… isn’t motherhood a beautiful thing? :)



Have you ever felt like you don’t know where you stand with someone? Do they like you? Or do they not? Do they know you exist? Do they even care?

The past couple of days, my son have let me know where we, as his parents, sit in his care factor list.

Remember this post?

Well, his list goes something like this:

“Afu, mummy. Afu, daddy. Afu, Nama. Afu, Papa. Afu, bus. Afu, bin.”


At least, I came first still, I guess?


New trick

Who else gets embarrassed when you trip or fell over in public? Who tries to look back on the ground to check whether something was there and not just clean flat ground? Who would continue walking like nothing happened even though your knee/elbow/face hurts like there’s no tomorrow?

It appears that all this applies to toddlers as well. At least, mine.

You see, Little E is a pretty active person. He just doesn’t sit still. There’s no such thing as sitting quietly to read or paint or draw. He would do those activities standing up, while walking around the table, then sitting down, then standing up, and so on. You get the drift. He does the same thing while playing.

My inlaws told me that he definitely is an active little one, at least compared to their three boys and the thousands of little people they see at their work.

Anyway, I have now stopped worrying whether he’d fall or trip. I just have to let him spend his excess energy and have him sleep properly at night ;) Even if it meant him falling all over the place as he doesn’t understand the concept of being careful yet.

However, lately, I’ve noticed that he has a new trick up his sleeve. Either out of embarrassment or plain ol’ silliness, when he falls now, he would yell out


and starts squiggling on the ground like a.. well.. worm.



We went to the Indonesian Embassy festival today. I believe it was the third time this year that the embassy opened up its doors to the public. This one, though, was the biggest one so far. They had lots of food stalls, women accessories stalls and Indo promotional stalls. There were also entertainment of dancing and singing.

A traditional Balinese gate

Normally, when there are too many choices, I end up with nothing. However, when presented with Indo food, I go nuts. No. I went CRAZY. I ended up with pretty much everything. Bless Mr E, he took care of Little E while mummy queued up at every single stall there…..

The best thing they had: durian crepe!

I have a few of the stall holders as my Facebook friends, so I was able to pre-order. It’s a good thing, as by the time we got there (around 4 hours before the festival ended), some of the popular stalls had sold out! It’s crazy!

Anyway, it was such a glorious day. It was fun watching Little E dance to the traditional songs. It is interesting to watch that he can pick out words from the entertainers, repeating them to himself. I think he knows more Indo than Mr E already!

Loving mie bakso (meatballs and noodle soup)

Mr E said that the next open day is November 1st. So if you’re in Canberra then, please do check it out :)

Indonesian Embassy
8 Darwin Ave
Yarralumla ACT